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If you are interested in hosting or partnering with the Rebel Playhouse at your school, community center, or arts organization... let us know! contact us at

What We Offer

- A one time, hour long workshop that gives students exposure to the elements of performance with a strong emphasis on getting them to open up and get creative! These can be booked as a workshop series, or one-time events.

-A week long camp (usually offered during school breaks) during which students will work together to devise/develop their own short play. Students are active participants at every level and step of development and performance. 5-7 days, 4-5 hours per day.

-A semester or year long after school class. This is a further development of the purpose and structure of our camps. The program begins with a several session writing workshop, learning about the structure and development of stories and the elements of storytelling. The students then move into several weeks of co-writing/developing their own play. The last section of classes will be focused on a more traditional rehearsal process, culminating in a final performance of which the children have been responsible for the creative choices in all aspects.

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Rebels welcomes children ages 4-8 to join us for our first Summer Playhouse, a summer theatre program running August 14th through 18th from 9am-2pm, at the Brooklyn Free School!!!

Participants will conceive, write, design, and perform in their own original production! Lead by Rebel Playhouse Education Director Greer Samuels, this is a program not to be missed! Click on the image to learn more...